Student exchange

The Basic Health Care College Fredericia - Vejle - Horsens collaborates with various institutions all over the world.

The Basic Health Care College has a coprehensive student exchange programme. The college receive special funding from the Danish Ministry of Education and several programmes funded by the European Union. With this global approach the college is the health care college in Denmark that sends most student and faculty abroad.

We believe student exchange abroad is a great change of broadening ones horizons, gaining exciting professional and personal experiences and discovering the culture in a foreign country.

Each year Danish Welfare College also welcome students from our foreign partner colleges. The Basic Health Care College has the largest amount of sister colleges abroad comparing with similar colleges in Denmark. All international activities is made on the foundation of an institutional agreement which ensure that the learning experience is as optimal as requested in the Danish education system.

Internationalisation at home is a rather new way of creating international activities for those students that do not travel. The college internationalisation staff are pioneers in this area using technology to connect students with students at our sister colleges. This is done through a platform that make the student collaborate and learn course content and how to share knowledge in their international network.

In Europe, we collaborate with various institutions in student exchange, study tours and faculty exchange. Also, we use the European web platforms eTwinning and Twinspace, for students to collaborate internationally without travelling.

Supported by the Denmark-USA programme we have established partnerships with several American colleges. In the framework of a memorandum of understanding we arrange student and teacher mobilisation, study tours and sharing of knowledge.

We have established relations in Asia to share knowledge about welfare technology and ambient assisted living (AAL).