The Danish Care Model

Danish policy calls for allowing the elderly to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. There where they have lived with their families, friends and neighbours, and where they feel at home.

If they fall ill or lose any of their functional abilities, they can be provided with home help and home nursing. Such care is provided free as part of the Danish welfare model, and is based on qualified social and health care personnel visiting the elderly at home, and helping with anything they find hard to do themselves.

This can range from personal care to cleaning. Welfare technology is also being introduced to an ever greater extent, in the form of such aids as robot vacuum cleaners. Nevertheless, any elderly client unable to care for themselves at home can move into a care home, where they can be provided with more intensive help. Care homes are designed to provide each resident with a private apartment. They are free to furnish them with their own possessions, to ensure they feel at home.

Apart from professional care, residents are provided with a wide range of activities and rehabilitation. They pay rent, but care is provided free of charge in accordance with the Danish welfare model.

The Basic Health Care College Fredericia - Vejle - Horsens trains personnel for the social and health care and child care fields. The college has a staff complement of around 150,
2,000 students and is based in the south west of Denmark, with departments in each of the three market towns of Fredericia, Vejle and Horsens.

The Basic Health Care College Fredericia - Vejle - Horsens invites all colleges of basic health care and municipalities with an interest in developing, sharing and implementing new knowledge to collaborate on new projects. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us.

Our strategic focus in 2017 is in the areas of:

• Pedagogy and didactics
• Student health
• ICT and learning
• Welfare technology
• Simulation

Also, we are interested in creating digital learning materials such as ebooks or animations.