The Pedagogical Model

At the Basic Health Care College of Fredericia - Vejle - and Horsens in Denmark we offer health care programs on different levels. Apart from being a College we are also together with two other Basic Health Care Colleges, SOSU Nord and SOSU Fyn - a Center for Welfare Technology appointed by the Ministry of Education in Denmark. Being a Center for Welfare technology means that we are researching, developing and disseminating knowledge about:

1) Welfare Technology aiming at facilitating daily living for patients whether they are in their own homes, in nursing facilities or in hospitals.

2) Teaching and learning technology, which means including modern educational technology in our programs and classes.

3) Simulation. Simulation is a method with three stages, briefing, scenario and debriefing, where we aim at creating a care situation that is as close to real patient situations as possible. We do this in order to:
• Give students a better basis for real practice situations
• Train hands on in order to develop routine.
• Establish connection between knowing that, knowing why and knowing how.
• Secure patient safety.
• Secure student engagement.

An article on the subject has been published in the International Journal of Nursing and Healthcare Research
It´s my pleasure to present this article about Pedagogy – Simulation and Learning.

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