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Marta E. Suarez-O’Connor, MSR, RN

Marta E. Suarez-O’Connor, MSN, RN, has been a member of the Pensacola State College (PSC) Nursing Program since 2003 and currently serves as the Educational Director at the Mary Ekdahl Smart Center for Patient Simulation Training & Research at PSC.

She has been teaching the use of simulation since 2008. Ms. Suarez-O’Connor received formal training in simulation for simulation development and facilitation from Oregon Health Sciences University. She completed formal training in debriefing practices at the Institute for Medical Simulation through the Center for Medical Simulation in Cambridge, MA at both the basic and graduate levels.

Ms. Suarez-O’Connor engages in simulation-based teaching for entry-level nursing students in addition to holding administrative and operational responsibilities at the Center. She also develops and co-teaches the orientation for newly hired simulation faculty and professional development workshops on simulation and debriefing for simulation faculty.

She has co-presented on the topic of integrating simulation into nursing curricula at the 9th Annual International Nursing Simulation/Learning Resource Centers Conference in 2010 and into the paramedic curricula at the 15th Annual National Association of EMS Educators in 2010. She was a facilitator for “A Day of Interaction with Jenny Rudolph: Building a Community of Practice through Mentor and Peer Feedback” at a Florida Health Care Simulation Alliance (FHSA) conference in 2014. She presented “Debriefing with Good Judgment” at an FHSA conference in 2014 and “Development of Role Transition Scenarios for Paramedics Enrolled in an Associate Degree Nursing Program” at an FHSA conference in 2013. She co-presented “An Example of Debriefing for Meaningful Learning” and “Orientation and Professional Development of Simulation Faculty” at the Simulation as Meaningful Learning conference held in Vejle, Denmark in 2015.


Kirsty Harris, MA, PGCE, RN

Kirsty Harris is a Senior Lecturer, School of Health Sciences and Social Work, University of Portsmouth.

Kirsty Harris was registered as an adult nurse in the year 2000 and has worked as a rotational nurse including Intensive care, emergency medicine, surgery and acute medicine. She developed an interest in simulation whilst in the intensive care teaching team and was offered a secondment in 2007. This became a substantive post in 2010.

Kirsty Harris successfully completed a Simulation Fellowship with Health Education England in 2011 and proceeded to start a Professional Doctorate in Simulation.

Kirsty Harris has had the opportunity to bid for a Mental Health initiative to receive funding from the Wessex Health Science Academy Network (WHSAN ) within simulation using Recognising and Assessing Medical Problems in a Psychiatric setting by Dr Paul Rowlands. This lead on to designing and delivering in-situ simulation called Cluedo.


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